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March 20, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City: NYE 2010

Sydney Australia - New Year's Eve capital of the world!

Day 5 (Friday Dec 30) - Mosman's Bay, Shrimp on the Barbe, NYE

Today was the day we had been waiting for, New Year's Eve!  We had heard all along that if you are going to be in Sydney you should come over New Years.  We had a full day planned.  Dad, Melissa, and Adam all got up early to go to the Sydney Fish Market.  They got us shrimp and prawn for our meal.  We made shrimp on the barbe using the grill on the public balcony of The Cove.  It was very yummy!  Since we didn't want to get too far from the city and didn't want to sit out all day reserving spots for the fireworks, we decided to ride the ferries.  We went out to Mosman's Bay.  We got a nice view of everyone lining up to watch the fireworks.  They weren't scheduled until 9pm but people were lining up by noon.  We came back to cook our fancy NYE dinner.  We cleaned the prawn all by ourselves (and when I say we I mean Adam and I).  It was a fun experience but made my hands smell like fish for at least a day after.

After dinner we went down to the harbour to stake out a spot for the fabulous fireworks we had been hearing so much about.  There were SO many people in Sydney for New Year's.  They estimate that about 1 million people come to Sydney specifically for the holiday.  Needless to say we were not expecting the enormous crowds.  Popular spots such as on the Opera House steps fill up very early and then are closed off to additional people.  We eventually found a good spot where we could still see the Opera House but couldn't see the bridge.  The 9pm fireworks did not disappoint.  After those we decided to head back up to our balcony for the midnight fireworks.  We had our champagne all ready to go.  We watched a lighted boat parade to pass the time.  Unfortunately we still could not see the bridge for the midnight fireworks but had the TV going to see them live.  It was a fantastic fireworks show, probably one of the most intense I have ever seen.  Watching the people come home from the midnight fireworks definitely made us glad we were already at home!  We went to bed soon after to prepare for another day of touring!

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