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March 20, 2011

Kangaroos, Koalas, and Gondolas, Oh My!

Day 2 (Tuesday Dec 28) - Bridge Climb, Circular Quay, and Taronga Zoo

On our second day in OZ Melissa and I decided to do the BridgeClimb.  It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and deserves its own post!

After that we went and explored around Circular Quay some more and headed to the Taronga Zoo.  We took a ferry over there.  The Taronga Zoo is situated on a hill.  You can either walk, take a bus, or take a gondola to the top.  We opted for the bus since the gondola line was long.  Once we got in, we walked around to see the different animals they have in Australia.  We happened across the koalas right when they were doing a feeding demonstration.  We got to listen to the zookeeper talk about the koalas and got to see him feed them.  We learned lots of interesting facts.  Did you know that koalas aren't bears, their closest relatives are kangaroos and wallabies, they don't like being cuddled, and can sleep for up to 20 hours a day!  After saying goodbye to baby Tilly, we headed to other exhibits.

We got to see Taz the Tasmanian devil and Melissa donated some money to help save them since they are endangered.  We also got to see kangaroos and some other animals such as elephants and birds that you can see in Madison at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

After walking halfway down the hill we realized that the zoo was close to closing.  Since Melissa really wanted to ride the gondolas, we walked back to the top in order to ride them down.  We waited in a long line and finally got to ride them.  After getting to the bottom we raced a bunch of other people because everyone was trying to get on the ferries back to the city.

That night we ate at one of Adam's favorite restaurants from his last visit in Darling Harbour.  It was an all you can eat ribs place.  After eating, we walked around Harbourside (the mall in Darling Harbour) and then headed back home for the night.

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