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March 20, 2011

Forget margaritas, I want my Pancakes on the Rocks!

 Day 6 (Sat Jan 1) - Parramatta, Pancakes on the Rocks

We decided to keep it low key on New Year's Day.  Melissa wasn't feeling well so she and mom stayed at the apartment.  I went with the boys to Parramatta.  Parramatta is a large suburb outside of Sydney.  We took a RiverCat Ferry out there.  The ferry would only take us part way because the River was so low.  We had to wait at the ferry stop and wait for a bus to take us the rest of the way.  It was one of the sketchiest bus rides ever!  We finally made it and the city was a ghost town.  We stopped at a bar for some refreshments before continuing to walk around the city.  We walked around looking at the different sites before deciding to take the train back.  Once we got back to Sydney, we decided to take Sarah up on her recommendation and eat at Pancakes on the Rocks.  It was delicious and the perfect end to the day!

Day 7 (Sun Jan 2) - Rose Bowl, Adam's Last Day

Today was Adam's last day in Sydney.  The boys wanted to make the most of it so they traveled out to the Blue Mountains.  Melissa still wasn't feeling well so us girls decided to stay in Sydney.  I got up early in order to watch the Badgers play in the Rose Bowl.  Luckily we got the channel in Sydney.  Unfortunately the Badgers did not do so well and they lost to TCU.  We just layed around the apartment for the rest of the day and watch some Big Bang Theory.  Mom and I went to Cole's again.  This time it was thunder storming.  It was quite an adventure getting there and back!  After the boys came back we decided to lay low for the rest of the night and get pizza for dinner.  It was sad that Adam would be leaving the next day.

Day 8 (Mon Jan 3) - Shopping, Sydney Tower

Adam was leaving that afternoon so we decided to do some last minute shopping so he could get the souvenirs he still needed.  We went to different malls and sports stores downtown.  Mom and I decided to venture to the Coach store in the QVB building.  The prices were really expensive even more so than in the US.  We did find some Brewers pins in on of the stores which was exciting!  After going back to the apartment and getting Adam to the airport, we decided to go to Darling Harbour and visit the Sydney Tower at night.  It was another nice low key day.

Day 9 (Tues Jan 4) - Opera House, Olympic Park, Wildlife World

Today was our first day without Adam.  We were finally free (just kidding!).  We slept in and Dad got some work done at the office in the morning.  Around noon we met Dad at the Opera House.  We got some take away lunch at a stand in Circular Quay that included one of the many frozen cokes of the trip.  We then headed out to Olympic Park.  I have to admit this was one of the attractions I was looking forward to the most and one of the bigger disappointments.  It was very deserted and there were not a lot of people around.  They still use some of the stadiums for sporting events and concerts but otherwise the area is pretty dead.  We walked around and took pictures and then decided to head back to the city.  We did one of the things left on our tourist pass, Wildlife World.  Unfortunately we got there right before closing so we had to hurry through the exhibits.  We got to see snakes, kangaroos, and more koalas.  That night we decided to get pizza from Dad's favorite restaurant, Giovanni's.  He apparently eats there a lot because they know him as Pol (hehe).

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